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Improve Fuel Efficiency      Extend Life of Engine Fluids      Lower Maintenence Cost      Improve Engine Performance

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Know the Difference, the “Quantx Difference”    improving fuel efficiency improving engine performance lowering maintenance cost

Over three years of research, development and testing have produced the new Quantx Power Cell by QuantxQ. Headquartered in Strongsville, OH, our sustainable and economical Power Cell revolutionizes the way Ohio’s transportation industry can save money on long haul over-the-road trucking. Improving fuel efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

Our QPC improves engine performance by extending the lifetime of engine fluids and reducing maintenance costs, producing a drastic increase in fuel efficiency. Just how much? Our long haul customers operate six or more hours on the road when our QPC is optimized. In addition, they save at least a 10% savings in fuel costs with some seeing 15% or more. On a 300-gallon fuel tank, we see savings of about $100 per fill up. In one month’s time, this amounts to $600-$800 in savings. Added to that is our extended lifetime of engine fluids.

On a fleet of 10 long haul trucks, that’s $10,000 a month and $100,000 a year!

With the Quantx Power Cell, you’ll be adding to your bottom line.

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Quantx Power Cell

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