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Improve Fuel Efficiency      Extend Life of Engine Fluids      Lower Maintenence Cost      Improve Engine Performance

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Get #FuelEfficiency with - The Quantx Power Cell

We are reaching a strategic point in our growth and development at Quantx. The Quantx Power Cell, from QuantxQ has caught the attention of trucking and logistics companies in the product transport industry. The total savings for Q Efficient Vehicles is a real eye opener for those managing the operation and maintenance of these trucks. We see our customers reinvesting their savings from the Power Cell improving fuel efficiency and gaining an edge over their competition. It’s a domino effect. We provide our customers with a fantastic savings on overall operation and maintenance of fleet vehicles, by lowering maintenance costs. They in turn are able to drop their transport costs and gain a stronger foot hold in the long-haul over-the-road transportation industry. We are building a Win-Win situation, and helping the economy of our nation at the same time.

We call it ….. The Quantx Edge.

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Why us?

Our goal has been to bring to market a product that meets the sustainability requirements of our customers. At the same time we want to provide an economical way for our customers to save money. Our new Quantx Power Cell revolutionizes the way the transportation industry saves money on long haul over-the-road trucking.

Quantx customers realize an increased fuel efficiency of 10% to 15% through engine stabilization and reduced fuel consumption. With fuel costs rising over $4 per gallon, Quantx customer savings on monthly fuel costs are greatly reduced with ………….Q Efficient Vehicles