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Improve Fuel Efficiency      Extend Life of Engine Fluids      Lower Maintenence Cost      Improve Engine Performance

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Improving Fuel Efficiency

Improving fuel efficiency isn’t just about saving money on the cost of fuel. It’s about savings on the total cost of operation of the Long-Haul Over-The-Road transportation. As the cost of doing business continues to rise, the long haul transportation industry becomes more concerned. Extending the life of our customer’s fleet, lowering maintenance costs, and improving the fuel efficiency of every vehicle in the fleet is paramount.

Lower Fuel Costs

Everyday Quantx Efficient Vehicles are helping customers lower fuel costs and extending the life of the engine fluids. We’ll continue to provide our customers with the Quantx Power Cell delivering improved engine performance every hour of operation. We are committed to helping our customers meet their sustainability requirements without sacrificing cost of investment. Getting more out of every mile of Long-Haul Over-The-Road trucking – that’s what Q efficient vehicles bring to the market.

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The Quantx Difference

When fuel costs are up, profit margins are down, so we at Quantx look for ways to help our customers lower their fuel costs, and bring back those profit margins. We want our customers succeed as well. Any edge we can provide our customers over the competition, we’ll take it. When you choose Quantx, you get what you pay for, improved engine performance, longer life of engine fluids, lower maintenance costs, increased fuel efficiency and long-lasting business relationships. With Quantx, we take you the extra mile and our customers truly see the difference……The Quantx Difference

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