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Improve Fuel Efficiency      Extend Life of Engine Fluids      Lower Maintenence Cost      Improve Engine Performance

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Beginning August 1st Quantx will "Give-Away" 50 new Gasoline Version Quantx Power Cells. Previous developments allowed us to improve fuel efficiency, extend the life of engine fluids, lower maintenance costs, and drastically lower fuel consumption for long-haul over-the-road trucking. This meant diesel engines only.

Now Quantx will release the QPC for gasoline. Our new Power Cell will provide the same for gasoline engines. Once again for those long highway trips the QPC will improve fuel economy. The QPC for gasoline is sure to provide 5% to 10% increase in fuel economy for long highway trips. 

Get a head start by completing the contest form now. Help us give a name to the new QPC for gasoline. We're looking for a catchy name to draw attention. Give it a shot! Win a QPC for three vehicles. Enter today. fuel efficiency #fuelefficiency improve fuel efficiency #improvefuelefficiency improve fuel economy #improvefueleconomy #fuel fuel #truck truck

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